Activists to Hold Eco-Terrorist Training Camp

Professional protesters looking to polish up their skill sets may look to travel to Canada later this month to attend an eco-terrorism training camp.

The two-day “Tactical Preparation Course” will teach you “skill sets founded on stealthy movement through the woods to get to an industrial resource extraction site undetected to conduct an activist action,” according to a Facebook page promoting the class.…

North Dakota Taxpayers On The Hook For $40 Million Because Of Pipeline Protests

Chris White | Daily Caller

Protests at the Dakota Access Pipeline earlier this year cost North Dakota taxpayers nearly $40 million, and resulted in more than 700 arrests.

Taxpayers must pony up $38 million to repair damage anti-DAPL activists caused during nearly a year of protesting the multi-billion dollar oil project, according to reports conducted by state officials.…

Pipeline Protester Drives 10K Miles, Wants You To Chip In For Gas

An activist claiming to have driven over 10,000 miles in order to protest pipelines is now asking hardworking Americans to chip in for gas so he can drive another 2,300 miles.

“I’ve got almost 2,300 miles to go to get back to the reasons I enlisted in this battle and need a little help from friends,” wrote Josh Michener in a recent Facebook post promoting his GoFundMe page.…

Denver Police Search For Anti-Pipeline Vandals Who Attacked Local Bank Branch

Staff Reporter | Western Wire

Vandals who oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline smashed the windows of a local bank branch in a politically motivated attack that’s under investigation by Denver police.

The vandals targeted a Chase Bank branch at 1038 East 6th Avenue, throwing rocks at the windows and spray painting “No DAPL” on the front of the building, according to a police report obtained by Western Wire.…

Money Continues To Flow Despite Camp Closure

Despite being evacuated from their camp at the end of February, activists protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline have continued to raise significant amounts of money. In the past month, protesters have received over $165,000 in new donations, according to a Standing Rock Fact Checker analysis of 410 crowdfunding accounts, which, as of March 22, totaled a whopping $13,814,230.…

Eco-Terrorists Commit “Felony Vandalism”

Authorities in Iowa and South Dakota are investigating a series of “coordinated physical attacks” on the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The Associated Press reported Tuesday that someone used a blowtorch to burn a hole in an above ground safety valve connected to the pipeline. The incident, which was characterized as “felony vandalism” by the South Dakota attorney general’s office, marks a new low for the month’s long protests against the project.…