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Standing Rock Protesters Leave Behind Enough Trash To Fill 480 Dumpsters

Anti-pipeline protesters left behind enough trash and debris at the former Oceti Sakowin Camp to fill upwards of 480 dumpsters according to government officials working to clean up the sensitive floodplain before it is submerged by the river this spring.

Contractors hired by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have already removed an estimated 240 truckloads of trash from the former encampment and estimate that additional 240 loads will be needed to clean up the remaining garbage.…

Standing Rock

ND Ag Department Releases List of Protest-Related Damages

The North Dakota Department of Agriculture released a memo Monday quantifying some of the costs that the months long protest has had on area farmers and ranchers.

According to the release, local ranchers have incurred individual losses of $15,000 to $20,000 while the state Ag Department has spent 900 hours responding to protest-related activities, including pest-infested firewood.…

Dakota Access Protesters Set Camp On Fire Ahead of Eviction, Release Greenhouse Gases – Further Damage Environment

Ahead of mandatory evacuation orders from the Governor of North Dakota yesterday, anti-Dakota Access protesters attempted one final act of destruction ahead of eviction: burning their own camp to the ground.

Protesters set several temporary structures aflame ahead of a 4 PM evacuation order which was enforced by police. The camp has been a ticking environmental time bomb for months – human waste and garbage have piled up without access to state or municipal services as thousands of protesters illegally occupied and built structures on public lands.…

Governor: State Will Investigate Protester’s GoFundMe Accounts

Speaking on a local radio station this morning, North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum said he foresees investigations and potential lawsuits concerning the millions of dollars anti-pipeline protesters have raised through online crowdfunding websites.

Asked by Scott Hennen if authorities plan to look into the questionable online funding, Burgum said, “I think there should be and I think there will be.”…

ND Fears Water Contamination From Abandoned Cars

Erin Mundahl | InsideSources

For months, activists protested to stop construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. United under the slogan “Water is Life,” they engaged in increasingly provocative acts of civil disobedience, hoping to force the Army Corps of Engineers not to grant an easement allowing the project to drill under the Missouri River.…

Casino Revenue Plummets Following Anti-Pipeline Protests

With the infamous anti-pipeline protest camps now reduced to a muddy pile of garbage, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is coming to grips with some of the harsh realities of their month’s long crusade against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

According to the Teton Times, the closure of Highway 1806 and local boycotts of the casino has resulted in a near 50 percent decline in revenue since the start of the anti-pipeline protests last fall.…

Letter: North Dakota Pipeline Protesters Are Disgraceful

Richard J. Palyo | Las Vegas Review-Journal

It is apparent to me that the Dakota Access Pipeline protesters are like every other group of protesters in this country: They are hypocrites.

Their cause was to stop the pipeline over fears of oil contamination of the Missouri River. I guess they were not so concerned about the 2,500 pickup trucks of trash — which includes human waste — left behind at their camp and its potential to contaminate the water (“At pipeline protest site, time to take out the garbage,” Thursday Review-Journal).…

Editorial: North Dakota Pipeline Protesters Leave Behind An Ecological Disaster

Editorial Board | Las Vegas Review-Journal

For the better part of last year, protesters poured into North Dakota to agitate against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Despite the fact that the company behind the project planned to use only private land and had secured all the necessary permits, the pipeline became a left-wing cause of the day — in part because members of the Standing Rock tribe argued the plan posed a threat to ancient burial grounds and the area’s water supply.…

What Happened to the Millions of Dollars Raised by Standing Rock Protesters?

Timothy Lee | Center for Individual Freedom

Over the past seven months, millions of dollars have poured into online crowdfunding accounts associated with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s unjustified crusade against the Dakota Access Pipeline.  To date, the violence-plagued protest has cost North Dakota taxpayers more than $33 million dollars, and diverted countless resources to assist local law enforcement.…