Activists to Hold Eco-Terrorist Training Camp

Professional protesters looking to polish up their skill sets may look to travel to Canada later this month to attend an eco-terrorism training camp.

The two-day “Tactical Preparation Course” will teach you “skill sets founded on stealthy movement through the woods to get to an industrial resource extraction site undetected to conduct an activist action,” according to a Facebook page promoting the class.

“These kind of skill sets allow activists to conduct covert surveillance on the opposition, set up covert filming sites, establish covert observation and listening posts, and move into a contested area undetected.”

In a separate post, the course instructor, Sakej Ward, says “Activists need to become “Become the Weapon” by becoming Operational Ready in order to be of real help at crisis situations,” before describing some suggested “operations,” like “taking out a piece of heavy equipment or taking down a bridge.”

Among those promoting the upcoming class is David Aker of California who not surprisingly was arrested and charged with “criminal trespass and disobedience of public safety orders under riot conditions” last fall during the height of the anti-Dakota Access Pipeline protests in North Dakota.

Once students shell out $200 and complete the Level 1 Course they will then have the opportunity to take six additional classes covering a range of topics, including basic camouflage, stalking and infiltration, according to the course material.