Tribal Nations Active in Oil and Gas Exploration; Raises Questions on Pipeline Opposition

Native communities like the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe appear vehemently opposed to any and all oil and gas industry activity near reservation land, but for more than 30 years, tribal communities have benefited from energy development on their lands.

As Standing Rock Fact Checker has discussed, oil and gas production in Native communities is booming.…

Others tell a different story | Few complaints on Illinois’ end of $3.8 billion pipeline project

Contrary to the way many view the Dakota Access pipeline, a recent piece in The State Journal-Register highlights the fact that public opinion may not be as one-sided as it may appear.

Below are some testimonials from community members in Illinois, Dakota Access’ terminus:

Morgan County highway engineer Matt Coultas: “I remember another pipeline that came through the area a few years ago, and this has been most pleasurable compared to that.

Equipment damaged in “peaceful” protest

As opposition to Dakota Access Pipeline continues, so does the complete disregard for protesting peacefully and lawfully.

Yesterday, construction crews reported several incidents of construction equipment being purposefully damaged in an attempt to fully halt the project.

Despite continuing to claim that their protest is a peaceful and lawful one, damaging the equipment puts workers at risk as well as protesters untrained in dealing with industrial equipment.…

Wall Street Journal editorial sets the record straight on Dakota Access argument

A recent Wall Street Journal editorial did an excellent job boiling down the ongoing Dakota Access protest debate to what it should be—facts vs. myths.

In “Chief Obama and the Dakota Pipeline,” the Wall Street Journal not only provides an astute political analysis of President Obama’s infrastructure policy, but also lays out the facts that are consistently misconstrued and misreported.…

Media finally fact checks Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

Finally, someone else finds fault with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s accusations.

Last night, KX4 Fargo anchor Chris Berg didn’t let Chase Iron Eyes continue to claim that the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe was not consulted during the review process. As previously reported, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman David Archambault claims that, “permits for the project were approved and construction began without meaningful consultation.”…

Even protesters rely on the benefits of the petroleum industry

As many have pointed out, protestors will always need the same energy they’re attempting to thwart. From reliable energy to powering the economy, the impact of the energy sector can be seen just about everywhere—even in protestors’ fashion.

In a recent New York Times article a protestor can clearly be seen wearing a shirt from a College Tour sponsored by Tesoro—a major oil refiner.…