Former Governor Jack Dalrymple Respects the Facts, Incoming Governor Doug Burgum Should Do the Same

On his final full day in office, North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple penned an op-ed in the Billings Gazette entitled “Setting Record Straight on Dakota Access Pipeline.” Dalrymple highlights key project facts, condemns the #NoDAPL movement for terrorizing his state, and thanks law enforcement for their honorable service.

MAIN hopes that incoming Governor Doug Burgum will not only continue Dalrymple’s legacy of honoring the rule of law and fact, but also advocate as vocally for the completion of the Dakota Access project.…

Donna Brazile Pens Shamelessly Inaccurate Piece on Dakota Access

Yet another public figure has opined on the Dakota Access pipeline without using the facts. Donna Brazile, interim chair of the Democratic National Committee, issued her support for the Standing Rock Sioux while making a handful of inaccurate claims in a recent Medium post.

The following represents just a handful of her inaccuracies:

“The pipeline clearly never underwent an appropriate review in consultation with nearby residents and the tribal leaders.”

It is beyond comprehension how this claim is still made by Dakota Access opponents.…

MAIN Coalition Applauds Colonel Henderson and the Army Corps for their Work Regardless of Political Outcome

Despite the announcement from the US Army Corps of Engineers regarding the Dakota Access pipeline’s final easement, the MAIN Coalition would like to highlight and commend the truly fantastic work executed by Colonel Henderson and his staff.

For over two years, Col. Henderson worked tirelessly planning and permitting the hundreds of miles of pipeline in his division.…

NBC Highlights Politics at its Finest, Civilian Given Power to Overrule USACE

According to an NBC report, Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works Jo-Ellen Darcy ignored US Army Corps of Engineers’ recommendation to issue the final easement. According to Darcy spokesperson Moira Kelley, “Ms. Darcy had the authority to make the decision on behalf of the Department of the Army, and she did so.”

As previously reported, the Corps made it clear that their “prior reviews and actions have comported with legal requirements.” Despite this fact, political appointee Darcy saw fit to deny the easement anyway.…

Media Misses the Facts in their Rush to Break Dakota Access News

As news of the US Army Corps of Engineers’ announcement broke, media outlets were quick to report before checking the facts. Below represents just a few of the more egregious falsities.

CNN Newsroom

“This pipeline was originally set to go through Bismarck…an about 92% white city. They said ‘listen it’s too dangerous we don’t want it here.”

Fact: Residents of Bismarck, and the Bismarck Mayor confirmed, they did not refuse to accept the threat to their water supply, and the project was not subsequently forced upon tribes at Standing Rock because white people rejected the risk.…

US Army Corps of Engineers Official Creates Regulation Out of Thin Air with Dakota Access Decision

With yesterday’s decision, President Obama has all but publically confirmed that the rule of law is a circumstantial entity that can be enforced or ignored when it suits his political will.

Assistant Secretary of the Army Jo-Ellen Darcy, essentially admitted in her memorandum  that she was writing new regulations:


The “circumstances” the Obama Administration is referring to are the months of illegal and violent protesting his administration emboldened, uninformed celebrity endorsements, and an anti-industry legacy at stake.…

Obama Administration Disregards Rule of Law with Dakota Access Decision

The recent announcement from the Obama administration indicating that the US Army Corps of Engineers will not grant the Dakota Access pipeline the final easement is flawed in its reasoning, sets a troubling precedent, and will only hurt the American people.

The Dakota Access pipeline was fully approved by four state governments and four federal judges following a two-year review and approval process.…