Dakota Access Protestors Continue To Remove Media Crews They Don’t Agree With

Dakota Access Pipeline protestors have certainly benefitted from the media storm their illegal protest has created. While some outlets allow protestors and activists to go unchecked, some have attempted to do their journalistic due diligence and report on the facts—much to the dismay of protestors.

In a recent Facebook post, protestors slammed Vice’s “negative” coverage of their ongoing efforts and emphasized that they are “glad” they camp banned the crew from the camp.


This is hardly a new phenomenon for Dakota Access protestors. Earlier this year, protestors threatened and removed a KFYR crew as protestors were illegally tresspassing and violently assaulted a film crew hiding in their car.

This action is yet another indication that the Dakota Access protestors have no regard for those seeking the facts, nor the rule of law itself. Protestors lament that their free speech is at risk while retricting the right to a free press. Moreover, it is worth noting that protestors are restricting access to illegally occupied federal land while refusing a federal order to vacate the premisis.