Dakota Access Protestors Ignore, or Don’t Understand, the Facts on Cattle Fencing

On various social media outlets, Dakota Access protestors are accusing construction crews of fencing in wild buffalo and depriving them of food and water. This is, yet again, more misinformation perpetuated by activists who frequently jump to their own conclusions.

Recent video posts from Digital Smoke Signals and other social media profiles have accused Dakota Access officials of trapping wild buffalo away from food or water so they can continue construction on the pipeline.


Standing Rock Fact Checker has confirmed that the only wild bison herds located in North Dakota are in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park – almost 200 miles away. The video above appears to be a private rancher who is preparing their livestock for weaning – not the pipeline separating the heard from food and water.

Standing Rock Fact Checker finds it interesting that protestors are suddenly worried about the animals near the protest considering the amount of cattle and horses killed by members of the ongoing protest.

It is also interesting that despite a FAA No Fly Zone, protestors continue to show no regard for the rule of law.