FAA Attempts to Neutralize Dakota Access Pipeline Protest, Declares No Fly Zone

Following reports this weekend that Dakota Access protestors were intentionally flying drones at law enforcement aircraft, the Federal Aviation Association established a no fly zone for the Cannon Ball area until November 4th, effective immediately.

According to the order, no pilots, other than law enforcement, may operate aircraft or UAVs from ground level up to 4,000 feet while the temporary restriction is in effect.

Protestors repeatedly flew a drone near a law enforcement helicopter during this weekend’s protest activity. Officers were forced to shoot the drone down as this action represented both an obvious safety risk and an FAA violation. The Sheriff’s office said in a statement that any drones being operated illegally or in an unsafe or reckless manner will be investigated and forwarded to the Morton County State Attorney’s office.

The pilot said he will continue to fly the drone despite the FAA’s order.