Our Revolution Wrong on Arrest Details

A press release from Our Revolution declaring solidarity with Dakota Access opponents contained a couple of myths.

First: Tuesday’s protest in North Dakota was not peaceful, according to local police.

Yesterday, the Dakota Access Pipeline saw arguably its most contentious day of opposition as 27 protestors were arrested after a 200 person protest got out of control in some sites. 27 represents the most arrests in one day and brings the total number of arrests above 115 to date.

According to a press conference featuring Cass County Sheriff Paul Laney, “That was not a protest. That was not prayerful. That was a riot…Today was very tense. The courts have spoken,” he said, highlighting the fact that the courts have recently ruled against the protest. One of the 27 arrested was actress Shaielene Woodley who, like her fellow protestors, was trespassing.

Second: The press release suggested that North Dakota farmers stand against the project, “Concerned farmers and activists are fighting the oil company. But it’s incumbent on all of us to stand up against this pipeline.”

However, the North Dakota Farm Bureau, which represents nearly 30 agricultural groups and businesses, recently issued a strongly worded statement raising concerns that the state was not doing enough to protect property rights and local communities:

“It’s time that the private property rights, the ability for those living on the land to make a living, and the ability to have a modicum of safety for their families out along the line of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Property rights, private information, safety of your family is everything rolled into one that’s being violated by the quote, unquote peaceful protesters that are engaging in protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline.”