Iowa Governor Denounces Pipeline Protestors

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad seems to have little patience left for the anti-pipeline protesters who have wreaked havoc in North Dakota for the past eight months.

Speaking with PJ Media while attending the National Governors Association winter meeting in Washington, DC last week, Branstad said he felt bad for the people who have suffered as a result of the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

“It’s a tragic, tragic thing that’s happened and I just feel bad for the people of North Dakota and my state,” the governor said.

The Iowa governor went on to slam the protesters for leaving mountains of garbage on the banks of the Missouri River that the Army Corps of Engineers is racing to clean up before the start of the spring flood season.

“Cut out the vandalism. Quit the disruption and the pollution of the river. It’s tragic what they did in North Dakota,” Branstad added. “You see all the garbage. You see, these people are supposedly environmentalists and they have been degrading the environment.”

Branstad called on “Hollywood and the big money environmental wackos in California” to stop their crusade against the $3.8 billion infrastructure project. “The pipeline basically has been completed. The issue has been decided and it’s time to quit,” he said.