Kelcy Warren Responds to Artists’ Letter, Highlights Dakota Access Facts

In response, to a letter sent last month by bluegrass artist the Indigo Girls, Energy Transfer Partners CEO Kelcy Warren wrote back and fact checked a few of the misinformation in the letter by the Indigo Girls.

In his letter, Warren highlights that while Dakota Access has certainly become a point of contention for Native communities, there is too much misinformation clouding the debate contributing to that issue. Warren states, “[t]he deliberate misinformation that has been disseminated via online outlets and social media and by those speaking to the media without regard for the truth is very troubling.”

On the artists’ concerns for archaeological sites, Warren notes that “if any potential archaeological or cultural sites had been identified, changes to the route would have been made to avoid these sites, as evidence by the 140 changes which were made to other sections.”

To claims that the pipeline will endanger drinking water, Warren highlights that “the DAPL pipeline crosses 90 to 115 feet below Lake Oahe with heavy wall pipe, which will be inspected and re-tested prior to being placed.” Moreover, that “the tribe’s intake from the Missouri River is being moved prior to the end of 2016… 70 miles south of the DAPL Missouri River crossing.”

In his response, Warren respectfully holds Dakota Access protestors to the facts—a rarity from the opposition’s position in the ongoing debate.

Read Warren’s full letter below.

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