Media finally fact checks Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

Finally, someone else finds fault with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s accusations.

Last night, KX4 Fargo anchor Chris Berg didn’t let Chase Iron Eyes continue to claim that the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe was not consulted during the review process. As previously reported, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman David Archambault claims that, “permits for the project were approved and construction began without meaningful consultation.”

The MAIN coalition has vehemently and factually refuted this line of attack, citing the nearly 400 meetings held over a two-year review process.

Click the image below to watch the exchange.



Anchor: “A lot of people are upset from the standpoint, at least from what’s being reported, that your tribe, your members, your leadership was not more actively involved early on in this process.”

Anchor: “So here’s what it says, 795 days since the pipeline was announced, 221 days since North Dakota approved it…389 meetings on cultural survey results between Native Americans and the USACE, 11 meetings and comments with the Corps and Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, two comments were filed—one on January 8th, one on March 24th, seven meetings proposed by the Dakota Access Pipeline and the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, none of those meetings were accepted. The judge in his decision said that the company rerouted this thing like 140 times or modified the pipeline, he also pointed out that the Corps documented dozens of attempts when they tried to reach out to the Tribe to ensure they were going to respect burial grounds and sacred places. Why didn’t tribal leadership get more actively involved in this process sooner?

Iron Eyes: “Well you may have to talk to tribal leadership about that, but I moved from Bismarck, North Dakota, where my wife was a pediatric physician with one of the local clinics, back to the reservation in 2015, and I remember the first time Dakota Access came to the tribal council chambers and they were told to expect opposition to the pipeline, that they should think about reroute. I understand that maybe the Tribe didn’t participate, but that doesn’t stop them from participating now and in the interest of safety.”

As you can see, Chase Iron Eyes cannot give any fact-based justification for why protestors continue to claim they did not receive meaningful consultation. Standing Rock Fact Checker applauds the anchor for pushing back on one of the most pervasive and inaccurate Dakota Access opposition claims.