Morton County Sheriff Receives Support from National Sheriff’s Association on Dakota Access Protests

Recently, the National Sheriff’s Association gave its full backing to the Morton County, North Dakota Sheriff’s Department – the lead, local policy force working to keep the peace amidst the protests in Cannonball.

Citing violence and the prevalence of out of state protestors, Morton County has received assistance from 268 officers from 24 different counties and cities in North Dakota.

In a recent statement and accompanying press conference, Danny Glick, Laramie County (WY) Sheriff summed up the recent developments:

“I’m sorry I have to be here today. But my message is simple and direct. I’m here to pledge the support of the nation’s sheriffs to the people of Morton County and North Dakota…When we get a call from Sheriff Kirchmeier that he needs assistance, we are ready to respond.” The National Sheriff’s Association will be able to provide the man power needed to respond to multiple protest locations. It will also allow Morton County to respond to the protest as well as provide a strong presence for all the people of Morton County. The result of the collaborative relationships between law enforcement officials resulted yesterday in a win for Morton County. Because of the support, law enforcement have been able to take a proactive stance and were able to get ahead of protestors, thwarting their attempts to trespass and vandalize equipment. Protesters have continually engaged in tactics of fear and intimidation in an effort to cause lasting economic damage and endangering lives.”