#NoDAPL PR Firm Admits to Focus on Emotion and Celebrity Endorsements, Not the Law

Standing Rock Sioux PR firm Pyramid Communications recently published a blog post entitled, “#NoDAPL: 3 Media Tips for Sticking to Your Message,” highlighting the tactics they’ve used to support the ongoing Dakota Access Pipeline protest. In doing so, they have made it clear when you don’t have the facts, rely on the emotional argument.

According to the post, “The NoDAPL movement is rich with stories. The passion of the water protectors camped out at the site, the broad government support, the call from indigenous peoples to honor treaty rights—there’s no shortage of narratives…it is vital to bring stories back to the central message: The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s lands, waters, people and sacred places are at risk because of the Dakota Access Pipeline, and that the U.S. Corps of Engineers failed to uphold treaty rights by approving pipeline permits without engaging in meaningful consultation with the tribe.”

The stories certainly have been widespread and have “captured the hearts and minds” of many from around the country, but the “central message” in question is riddled with inaccuracies regarding tribal land and meaningful consultation.

Standing Rock Fact Checker is focused on reporting the facts – not emotions.