North Dakota Lawmaker Calls on Army Corps to Provide Details on Dakota Access, Again

North Dakota Senator John Hoeven once again called on the Assistant Secretary of the Army of Civil Works to provide details about Dakota Access’ delay. Following weeks of violent protests and no inkling of a decision from the Army or the President, Sen. Hoeven called on the federal government to explain their inaction.

“In light of violent protests over the past few months, people living and working in the area need to feel safe in their homes and on public roads,” Hoeven said. “They also deserve the certainty of knowing when the Obama Administration and the Corps will resolve this situation so life can get back to normal. We will continue to call on the Corps and the Obama administration to approve the easement, which we believe will bring this troublesome issue to an end.”

As Standing Rock Fact Checker and other North Dakota lawmakers have previously noted, federal inaction will only enable and embolden further violent action to take place.