Permanent Structures Being Built on Federal Land in Violation of Corps

Unsurprisingly, the Dakota Access protestors continue to act in direct violation of laws and regulations. Earlier this year when the US Army Corps issued a special ruling allowing protestors to temporarily use the Corps’ federal land to stage their protest. However, the announcement also noted that “permission will be required for activities identified in Title 36 such as construction, either temporary or permanent, of any structures within areas identified in the Special Use Permit.”

Without any evidence that such a permit has been applied for and received, protestors have begun to build several permanent structures.



Governor Jack Dalrymple issues a blistering statement of the activity and federal inaction, clearly tired of the protest’s disregard for the law. “As long as the federal government allows protesters to camp without a permit on Corps property from which some members mobilize unlawful protest activities and as long as the federal government delays a final determination on the easement, we as a state and local communities are left to manage the challenges before us today,” he said in the release.

Morton County Sheriffs also released a statement which can be found below.