Pipeline Protester Drives 10K Miles, Wants You To Chip In For Gas

An activist claiming to have driven over 10,000 miles in order to protest pipelines is now asking hardworking Americans to chip in for gas so he can drive another 2,300 miles.

“I’ve got almost 2,300 miles to go to get back to the reasons I enlisted in this battle and need a little help from friends,” wrote Josh Michener in a recent Facebook post promoting his GoFundMe page. “All Im asking is for gas and food money.”

So far Mr. Michener has only managed to raise $600 of his $1,000 goal, but nevertheless continues to receive a steady stream of donations. Altogether, it’s been estimated that over 20,000 crowdfunding accounts amounting to over $13.8 million have been setup to support anti-pipeline protest activities.