Updated Numbers from Morton County Law Enforcement Show the Impact of the Illegal Dakota Access Protest

As Standing Rock Fact Checker has previously reported, the illegal Dakota Access pipeline protest by the numbers is simply staggering. With hundreds of out of state protestors costing North Dakota communities tens millions in taxes, the protests represents an embarrassment to the rule of law and a wildly ignorant tactic of opposing a fully approved infrastructure project.

Recently released numbers from the Morton County Sheriffs show the extent of the opposition. See below for highlights:

Number of Arrests: 581

Percent of Arrestees from Out of State: 94.5%

Days of Response Support: 153

Hours of Response Support: 181,232

State and Local Cost to Taxpayers: $22.3 Million

In State Agencies Providing Support: 91

Out of State Agencies Providing Support: 33

States Providing Support: 9

Number of Protesters Arrested: 556

Number of livestock killed/missing: 10/32

Number of poaching investigations tied to protest area: 3