Washington Times Editorial Calls for the Dakota Access’ Completion

The Washington Times followed numerous other media outlets in criticizing the Obama Administration’s handling of the Dakota Access pipeline. Their editorial blasts the clearly political move and calls for the project’s completion.

Below represents noteworthy critiques worth emphasizing:

“The rule of law matters, and enabling a few radicals, or even a few thousand, to overrule the will of the American people would be a tyranny of the minority.”

“Pipelines are a 21st century fact of life. America is crisscrossed by them, and 72,000 miles of pipelines carry crude oil. Unless the protesters rode up to North Dakota on ponies, they too depend on cheap gas to do their business.”

“The Standing Rock Sioux have refused to cooperate with pipeline builders, but the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and pipeline partners have conferred with 55 Indian tribes on nearly 400 occasions over two years, altering the pipeline route more than a hundred times to accommodate tribal and environmental consideration.”