Chris Berg Highlights out-of-staters co-opting #NoDAPL protest

As the protest near Cannonball continues, the largely illegal protesting has begun to see predictable results: arrests.

Following a particularly heavy weekend of protests, some have started to take a closer look into who exactly is being taken into custody. KX4’s Chris Berg, who has previously called out inaccurate claims from Dakota Access Pipeline opposition, noted important facts being overlooked once again.

Of the 23 protestors arrested, none, were actually from North Dakota.

The protestors hail from Vermont, California, and Washington among other states, and all claim to be fighting for the same issues.

We’ve already seen fringe activists trying to share the spotlight with protestors, now it appears more anti-pipeline activists from around the country are trying to co-opt the ongoing opposition from Native groups.

To hear Berg call out the disingenuous protesting, check out his opening monologue on KX4’s 6:30 Point of View.