Governor Dalrymple: Federal Government Has Extended this Period

Appearing on KFYR’s What’s On Your Mind Radio Show hosted by Scott Hennen earlier today, North Dakota Governor Dalrymple noted the impact of the Administration’s decision to reconsider the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers construction permit for the Dakota Access project.  As recently as yesterday the Administration noted its ongoing review of the permit.

In addition to the violent nature of the protests, Governor Dalrymple told Scott Hennen, “I’m saying to [the federal government], folks you have now extended this period where we have to expend our hard earned taxpayer dollars in North Dakota protecting the public, protecting the workers, and the protesters. You know, this costs money.”  Last week the Morton County Sheriff’s department noted the law enforcement costs have exceeded $1.5 million to date.

Governor Dalrymple went on to say that the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has been inundated with protesters from out of state.  He referenced conversations with Chairman Archambault noting that “He’s told me many, many times that he is no longer in control in the camp or in any way over the protesters.”

The facts back this up.  Only 14 of those arrested have been North Dakota residents according to a Morton County sheriff press conference last week.  Close to 100 have been from out of state, including the arrest yesterday of Shailene Woodley, a Hollywood actress.

Two federal courts have underscored that the federal government lawfully issued the construction permits in July.  The MAIN coalition urges the administration to rapidly conclude their reconsideration and heed the calls from the Governor and Congressional delegation to bring resolution to this important issue.