Lawsuit Reveals Harassment DAPL Protesters Sent Sheriff

Erin Mundahl | InsideSources

From the beginning, the activists protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline resisted police presence. For months they claimed–often very loudly–that they were a “peaceful and prayerful” movement being subjected to police brutality. They complained about crowd control tactics, the use of riot shields, and tear gas. Finally, in late November, a group of protesters filed a lawsuit against Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier, alleging that the department used excessive force during a confrontation with protesters on Backwater Bridge. Documents detailing the harassment DAPL protesters sent Sheriff Kirchmeier have been released publicly after being used as an exhibit in the lawsuit.

The exhibit shows Facebook and Twitter messages by supporters of the protest encouraging violence against law enforcement, posting personal information about officers online, and attempting to identify officers working at the protest site.

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