pipeline protesters

Anti-Pipeline Protesters: “We Seriously Need Gas Money”

Anti-pipeline activists rallying against the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines are asking their Facebook followers to donate money for gas, so they can travel to and from meetings and protests.

“We seriously need gas money,” wrote the Wakpa Waste Pow Wow Grounds Camp on March 26, “We go to meetings over an hour away .. we need gas cards.”

pipeline protesters

In a similar post, a group opposing the Trans Pecos Pipeline in West Texas told supporters that “we could use some help with gas” and asked that donations be made to the group’s PayPal account.

pipeline protesters

It’s not only alarming that anti-pipeline protesters continue to expect hardworking Americans to fund their antics, but also highly ironic that they are asking for resources that rely on the very infrastructure that they are protesting.

Steve Everley, a spokesman for Texas for Natural Gas, underscored this hypocrisy in an interview with the Daily Caller.

“It’s obviously funny that they are crisscrossing the country to protest pipelines, using gasoline that costs a lot less thanks to fracking and pipeline infrastructure,” Everley said.