Denver Police Search For Anti-Pipeline Vandals Who Attacked Local Bank Branch

Staff Reporter | Western Wire

Vandals who oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline smashed the windows of a local bank branch in a politically motivated attack that’s under investigation by Denver police.

The vandals targeted a Chase Bank branch at 1038 East 6th Avenue, throwing rocks at the windows and spray painting “No DAPL” on the front of the building, according to a police report obtained by Western Wire.

The incident took place late on the night of Feb. 23 or in the early hours of Feb. 24, only a few hours after environmental activists were evicted from protest camps in North Dakota aimed at stopping the Dakota Access Pipeline. The recently completed pipeline was staunchly opposed by environmental activists, who led a series of protests along the pipeline route and in cities across the country, including Denver. In North Dakota, the protests turned violent and hundreds of out-of-state activists were arrested.

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