Wall Street Journal editorial sets the record straight on Dakota Access argument

A recent Wall Street Journal editorial did an excellent job boiling down the ongoing Dakota Access protest debate to what it should be—facts vs. myths.

In “Chief Obama and the Dakota Pipeline,” the Wall Street Journal not only provides an astute political analysis of President Obama’s infrastructure policy, but also lays out the facts that are consistently misconstrued and misreported. The following are just some of the points the WSJ makes:

  1. “The pipeline will run adjacent to the Northern Border Gas Pipeline that was completed in 1982”
  2. “The Army Corps of Engineers bent over backward to consult the Standing Rock Sioux, only to be ignored or rejected.”
  3. “The pipeline was modified 140 times in North Dakota alone to avoid potential cultural resources.”
  4. “Needs almost no federal permitting of any kind because 99% of its route traverses private land.”

Hopefully, more media outlets become as critical of Dakota Access’ protestors as the Journal clearly is.