Robert Redford Blatantly Misleads Public on Dakota Access

Recently Robert Redford published a video calling for viewers to call the White House to voice their opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline. Along the way, he issues categorically false statements about the project and energy infrastructure in the region. The following represents some of his more egregious claims.

The Standing Rock Sioux are fighting to prevent a giant pipeline from being built that would cut through the Missouri River”

Fact: The Dakota Access Pipeline will be buried more than 90 feet below the river bed, significantly lowering the threat to the water source.…

Filmmakers Assaulted by Dakota Access Protestors

Yesterday, journalists Phelim McAleer and Magdalena Segieda were assaulted by Dakota Access protestors while conducting interviews at the Sacred Stone Camp.

The two journalists were trapped inside their car for 30 minutes as protestors threatened to slash their tires, break into the car, and seize filming equipment. The altercation began when one protestor grabbed McAleer’s microphone mid-question and physically assaulting him.…

Vast Majority of #NoDAPL Arrested Protestors From Outside of North Dakota


As law enforcement officials and members of the media have noted, the vast majority of Dakota Access protestors are not actually from North Dakota. The National Sheriffs’ Association, the law enforcement organization tasked with controlling the ongoing protest, have Recently released update numbers.

According to the Say Anything Blog, there have been “143 total arrests of people protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline.…